Since there's only 45 RTs to go to achieve Twitter goal, maybe you'd like to help the other social media achieve their respective goals? (each social media unlocks different character costumes! 🎁)

If all social media goals are achieved, Hikaru's costume will be unlocked! 🎉🎉

Also, done with the NSFW after story episode (Shiba's episode), just need to finish coding the SFW one (the high school episode continuation) :3

🎁10% off on #SeiyuuDanshi 🎁 18+ BL/Yaoi game from today to 25 Dec!
Purchase via this link: ❗️❗️

If this post gets 150 RTs, all players will receive free update of Shuu's christmas costume added to the game! ❤️❤️

#yaoi #visualnovel #gamedev #indiedev

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