Working at a slower pace, but am still working nonetheless. Focusing on finishing up Yolkie's route, sorry for the wait 😓

Sorry for the silence lately! Not dead (yet) 😅
Been dealing with some more real life obligations while working on Yolkie's route. Am currently editing the expressions and such for the CGs. CGs for Yolkie are all done, but I decided to remake 1 of them to fit the story better.

Been taking care of real life responsibilities like renewing driving license, going for a haircut after like 3 years doing them myself, and more stuff like that which is annoying but needs to be done ~_~
Have also fixed some more bugs but haven't exported yet.

Alright, updated both demo and beta version for #BaradiseEscape to 1.02 to fix another batch of issues that I know the cause for.

Basic game guide is also up on:

Gonna go MIA for a while to have a mind detox 🫠

#gamedev #GodotEngine #BLgame #indiedev

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