Made the new title screen!
Added a little neat slideshow where you must press to continue to get to the main title screen ^_^

#BLgame #BaradiseEscape #yaoi #gaymer

Made the base for quest journal and inventory screen (still need to polish but that'll be later). Now, gotta figure out the save/load system

Kinda miss Renpy in that I don't have to make my own save/load system 😅

Have this Syris CG sneakpeek bcs it's hot 🫶


Spent far too long learning about Godot's Resources due to distractions... But at least I know more about how to use custom resources now. Used a plugin for the VN dialog part (since they're pretty feature complete already). Decided to go with transparent-ish UI btw

This took forever, but I finally managed to get this month's After Story episode up! 😀

#SeiyuuDanshi #yaoi #visualnovel #Gaymer

Welp, I think my family has finally gotten COVID? Dunno who brings it in because I still haven't gotten outside at all 😩

Anyway, it's pretty mild so far, but not gonna work these days to recuperate better!

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