Wakey wakey, it's time for some bug fixing. I've received some bug report emails already, and they're super helpful. Thank you! Again, if you have any bugs, please report to:

💌 meyaoigames@gmail.com

I'll try to get the fixes up ASAP ✊

Moocha route is now AVAILABLE! ✨
Yep, you read that right... our beloved cow's route is now playable in beta version! 😃

✨DL link: http://meyaoi.itch.io/bananaranch

Like & RT this tweet & 1 lucky winner will get free beta access for Banana Ranch worth $45~

#BLgame #gay #lgbt #bara

By the way, in the upcoming Moocha beta, you can also see the flower festival scene for Noir 😋

Anyway, still in testing hell. There's not enough time to play through the game from beginning to end so I can only test bits (as much as I can x_x)

Release date's still tomorrow!

I think I'm done with everything needed for Moocha beta now... at least judging from my task list. Gonna try to at least play through it several times tomorrow (make sure it's at least playable), then might upload the day after tomorrow (Sep 18)

Please look forward to it 👯

Done with the item + recipes for cooked stuff ✌️
Next up is the crafted items...

Then, just need to insert those items to proper monster drop / gathering area + fix up icons & item properties for item quests etc... and it should be done?? 🧐

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