#ThankYouPatrons! Not only for helping me accomplish a bunch of awesome things, but also for accompanying me all these years! 🥰


Working on this month's Seiyuu Danshi After Story episode~
Currently still in writing phase, but final result should be a longer episode than usual (currently already 1k words, and intro part isn't done yet).

Sneakpeek of the episode featuring a certain little cutie's bootie👉❤️

Banana Ranch 18+ BL / Yaoi game is 104% FUNDED!
Now that our base goal has been achieved, it's time for the stretch goals!

The first stretch goal is… Klein's romance route ❤️
There's $4,435 left to be able to romance Klein! Can we do it?
#BLgame #yaoi #vndevs #indiedev

Finally home 😴😴
I will try to get back to work tomorrow (or day after tomorrow, since going on a trip tires me out too much and I need recharging time xD)

Happy birthday to the cutest boi ever, Toru-chi! 🥰

(I'm on a trip abroad and no access to my laptop, so no birthday edit for Toru-chi 😿)

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