Made a mini-update for 🌴Baradise Escape here!

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Been a while since I last tweeted, but I'm not dead (yet)! Just wanted to un-exist from social media for a while lol x'D

Here's another sketch preview~

#BLgame #BananaRanch

Coded all Finn dating events and in-game wordcount is ~160K words now! Will continue with Finn's before lovers events next 🦈

Baradise Escape progress-wise, 7 out of 12 Ragnar CGs are finished! After Ragnar's done, it will be Syris!

Overall has been nice progress 😆


5 final Finn CGs in the work 🙌
Done with generic dialogues for Finn dating system (commenting clothes, skinship reaction, talk topics) & coded some of Finn's special dating events. In-game wordcount is currently 154k words!

Gotta continue with the coding tomorrow 🦈


Sexy Ragnar... 🔥

- Posted this month's Seiyuu Danshi After Stories feat. some fun time at the beach with Hikaru!

- Edited the facial expressions for 9 of the completed Finn CGs. Hope to be done soon so I can finally move on to coding them in-game ~0~

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