Santa Hikaru 🎅 FREE GIFT promo! (until 10 Jan 2020)

Buy items > $100 gets $33.99 🎁
Buy items > $250 gets $98.99 🎁

👉 (New merch added!)

Earnings will go towards Banana Ranch stretch goals! (~$3,500 to Ginger route!)

#BLgame #gamedev #indiedev

Been studying up Unity all day & it's going pretty well so far, at least I can code some custom UI now, still a noob tho

It's pretty fun to learn a new engine as it opens up a whole lot of possibility too (live2D, multiplayers, 3D).

..Well, it's still a long way of learning xD

Reindeer and the santas who are dying to ride on top of him...

Sneakpeek of next month's episode for #SeiyuuDanshi After Story!
It's a Christmas costume party and the guys play king's game while they're drunk xD

Thanks to you guys, Klein will now be romance-able in final game!
Our next goal is... the romance route for Ginger, the sticky dog!

We've got $4,802 to go to reach this goal! Can we do it before the campaign ends?

Play demo of #BananaRanch NOW!

Just $104 left before we unlock Klein's romance route!
Who's next? 🐶

Join the campaign now to help us reach the goal!

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